Plan of Action for Buyers of Real Estate

As your real estate sales professional, my goal is to help you buy your property for the best price attainable, within the time frame that fits your plans and to make the home buying process as efficient and stress-free as possible. I promise to commit to those efforts by offering you the following services:

I will consult with you to clarify your needs, expectations and priorities. I will determine how I can best work with you to achieve your real estate objectives. I will answer any questions you might have about the home buying process and communicate with you in a timely and efficient manner.

Preview Properties
I will preview properties for you from my office inventory as well as Multiple Listing Service. I will show you properties that meet your needs, as your schedule permits. I will notify you immediately when new homes come onto the market.

Home Buying Info
I will inform you of the current real estate market and how it relates to your property purchase. We will discuss the true value of the property and negotiation strategies. I will explain each step of the process and act as a guide to help you make the most informed decisions.

I will help you define your financial ability to purchase, and explain to you alternative methods of purchasing and financing. I will help you locate available financing and assist you in getting pre-approved. I will provide you with a preliminary estimate of closing costs and down payment requirement.

Making An Offer
I will look at recent sales of similar properties to come up with a price range. Then, I will analyze additional data, such as the condition of the home, improvements made to the property, current market conditions, and the circumstances of the seller. I will prepare an offer on your behalf and present it to the seller. As your representative, I will be available to respond quickly to counteroffers at any time.

Purchase Agreement
I will assist you in preparing a purchase agreement and help facilitate the preparation and completion of all paperwork pertaining to the purchase of your new property. I will discuss with you the contingency options available. I will review with you the sellers property disclosures.

Professional Services
I will refer you to professional service providers for title services and homeowners insurance. I will review your title report with you and explain your title policy coverage. I will explain to you the option of a home warranty plan.

I can assist you in choosing competent inspectors and will arrange their appointments and be present while the inspections are being conducted. I will help you evaluate the inspection reports and determine which items are the sellers responsibility, negotiate the details of who should do the work and what it will cost, and then make sure the work is completed.

I will be in constant contact with all parties involved to see that requirements of the purchase agreement are satisfied, including the removal of all contingencies and conditions. I will monitor the progress each step of the transaction and keep you informed.

Closing Escrow
I will review all closing documents and attend the signing appointment with you. I will be present at the final walk-through of your new home. I will be available after closing to answer any questions you may have.

I am committed to meeting all of your expectations in the purchase of your new home.

Debra McCann, Broker
Wine Country Properties
521 Prince Ave.
Healdsburg, Ca. 95448